About Us

LED HUB UK is a subsidiary of Raznab Trader. With staff members of more than 30 years experience in the lighting industry we give you the best advice for lighting solutions. Here at LED HUB UK, we provide you with the most brightest and A grade energy efficient products. Our products are made according to our customers will and demand, so Whatever you like we can get it made and delivered to you with a time frame as short as 7 days time!

So why us?
We give you reliable quality. At LED HUB UK, we take great pride in our reputation for high standards and immensely satisfying quality and innovative products. Our technology carries on that tradition by boosting the performance and efficiency of our LED lighting from the inside to the out, we are well known around the UK for high-quality LED Lighting. All our products are put to rigorous testing standards and are tested in our factories in China for 48-72 hours. Our LED lighting are designed to provide maximum luminaries and provide low wattage cosumption, with cost of running such lights being as low as 21 Pence per month!!
Here at LED HUB UK our products light up instantly and emit 100% of the flux. Our breadth of products give you a variety of lumen outputs, colour temperatures and various solutions. That way you can find the right light for the right application. Take our powerful new CCT 18 Watt Glass panel for instance: it provides 1800 lumens and changes between three colour temperatures of warm white (2700-3500K), natural white(4000-5500K) and pure white(5500-7000K) and beam angle of 180°.Henceforth leaving you with the choice of colour during different times of the day. All our LED lights are environmentally responsible, with no mercury or ultraviolet and infrared radiation, they become almost 100% recyclable with RoHS-compliance. So there is no damage caused to objects when the led illuminates. CO2 emissions reduced by 80%, which makes you in charge of your environmental impact. Cutting carbon emissions is key issue in the fight against climate change. LED lights can reduce carbon emissions by up to 80% compared to incandescents. You can take control of your CO2 emissions. With our innovation, we truly believe there is no limit to what LED lighting can do. Let our LED lighting bring a new level of comfort to you.
Our LED Lighting are the late generation of light with minimal heat, high lumens and high energy efficiencies. At LED HUB UK our products are designed to provide light output and light colour comparable to standard halogen lamps, which are far more energy efficient. Energy consumption reduced by up to 85% in comparison with incandescent bulbs and up to 50% compared to compact fluorescent lamps. Energy efficiency combines with high performance to light homes and businesses